Frequent Questions

A: The Town of Brule offers the service of plowing residential driveways for a fee. If you weren’t on the snow plow list last season, you won’t automatically be placed on the list to receive a contract this season. You must submit a completed snow plow contract and payment to the clerk in order to get on the snow plow list. If you haven’t done that, click here to the open the contract. You may also contact the town garage at 715-372-8381, leave a message on their answering machine, and the maintenance men will return your call as soon as they are able.
Taxes question Due date is January 31st for the 1st have of your tax bill – have should be half.

A: The town does not issue building permits. The County Zoning Dept. does, so you must contact them before you begin your building project. They are located in the County Courthouse, 715-395-1380 if you would like to speak to someone in person. You may also contact them at their website: The town does have a building inspector, Rob Lietha. If you are building a new home, either manufactured or on-site built, you must obtain a building packet from the town. Call the Clerk at 218-591-0693, and a packet will be sent to you upon receipt of a $25 administrative fee. You may also contact Mr. Lietha at 218-393-6482 or by email at [email protected]

A: Due date is January 31st for the 1st have of your tax bill, and July 31st for the second half of your tax bill. This information is found on your tax bill, which is sent out the middle of December. All payments should be sent to the Douglas County Treasurer at 1313 Belknap St., Superior, WI 54880.  For more information and payment options see the Douglas County website here