Sanitary District


PO Box 64
Brule WI  54820

Construction of the Brule Sanitary District began in the spring of 1978 and was completed in June, 1979, designed to handle 16,500 gallons of sewage daily.
Leakage in the clay ponds and changes in DNR specifications made an upgrade necessary in 1998-99. This more than doubled the system's capacity.
The Brule Town Board appoints the three-member Sanitary District Board, which is responsible for the operation of the district.
All homes and businesses within the sanitary district are required to be hooked to the sewer system. No private septic tanks are allowed. As of January 1, 2008, the hook-up fee is $650.
All users pay a quarterly fee of:

    • $86 for a single family unit
    • $258.70 for a business serving food and/or beverages
    • $130 for other businesses
    • $14.40 per motel room
    • $46.80 per laundry room
    • $4.55 per RV hook-up
    • $23.40 per cabin.

The district is currently debt free. At this time (April, 2012) the sanitary system serves 96 single family dwellings, 18 businesses and 4 multiple family units for a total of 118 accounts.

Contact Information:

Mary Smet  (715) 372-8377
Dale Copp (715) 372-4873


Dale Copp


John Solberg

Phone: (715) 372-6038

State Licensed Operator

John Stack


Dana Stone

Phone 218-590-3983

Clerk & Treasurer

Mary Smet

Phone: (715) 372-8377