In 1904 Reverend John Gibson led a group of people in Iron River to organize the first Congregational Church of Brule. Land was given by John Durant and fourteen members planned the building. Lumber and almost all labor was donated. It was built in a year’s time by the Brule citizens at a cost of $1,100 including the furnishings. The organ was donated by the Byron Ripleys, the pulpit was a gift from Reverend Gibson, and a pulpit Bible was contributed by Mr. & Mrs. R. Bell. The church was dedicated on Sunday, November 10, 1907. Because of financial difficulties, church services were held only once a month. Sunday School, however, was held every week.

In the summer of 1928 President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge and their son, John, came to Cedar Island on the Brule River and also visited the church. As a result, the church prospered and a painting titled, “Alone” and a stained glass window titled, “The Good Shepherd” were added to the church. After the President left, the congregation decreased gradually to only three charter members.

Under the leadership of Reverent August Beck, the members petitioned for membership in the Chippewa Presbytery in April, 1932. The church was accepted and organized as Brule Presbyterian Church and became an active part of the community with twenty-seven members. The minister’s salary was $260 a year, janitor $36, Mission Fund $25, fuel, $25, lights, $12, insurance $33, and miscellaneous, $25 for a total budget of $416.

In 1948 the church became one of the original members of the Pioneer Parish of the Chippewa Presbytery, later to be organized into the Presbytery of Northern Waters. Over time improvements were made to the sanctuary with an addition of kitchen, dining room and bathrooms to the original building.

Brule Presbyterian Church continues to be a strong, vital part of the community.   It is located two blocks north from Highway 2 on the corner of County Road H and 2nd street.  The current Pastor is Richard Blood: to contact him via phone call 218-721-4938.  He can also be reached at [email protected].  Worship services are held Sundays at 9 a.m. and Sunday School is at 9 a.m. with fellowship after services.  To view the church brochure, click here.